The LLAMA initiative formed in response to the COVID-19 virus, to collect the latest information that impacts Lowell MA residents, and connect people with local resources to help get everyone through this crisis.

Information about COVID-19

We’ve compiled links to local, state, and national websites that provide information about the Coronavirus.

Latest Info is in the order information was posted to the site, so it’s easier to separate out new updates from previously seen content.

Latest News

We’ll try to collate the latest COVID-19 related news: COVID-19 News

Offers from Local Organizations

A list of featured offers provides a summary of offers that we know of.

Latest Offers lists the offers in the order they were posted, so you can see the latest items listed.

Local Network

Along with the resources from local organizations, we think it’s important to support each other with individual requests.

We’re working on a Google Form where individuals can offer assistance such as transportation, food delivery, childcare, and other things, as well as request things that they need.

Add Content

Do you have additional news or non-profit offers that should be listed on this site?

Email us at [email protected].